Showcase: psychology academy

showcase_4_paEstablished in 2006 by Human Study Center

Our mission: Provide psychological knowledge and practical skills to people who want to consciously create their own future and their environment, to live more meaningful and joyful life.

How we accomplish that: In academy we use our unique training system TET (T – Theory E – Experience T – Tools), which in a short period of time allows to learn more. Each course of study consists of three elements: theoretical knowledge, actualization through personal experience and use of practical techniques. Study objective is no a formal education, here we teach things that have practical value. Psichology academy differs substantially from academic studies: here people find more communication, more personal experience and discussions. More real life.

Just in 2 years our students:

  • learn how to apply psychological knowledge in work and life;
  • better understand themselves and others,  communicate more effectively, better resolve conflicts, overcome stress, meditate, and much more;
  • learn how to achieve their goals;
  • learn how to effectively manage themselves and others;
  • most importantly – learn to live more consciously, purposefully and joyfully.

What students can choose:

1. Organisational psychology
This field of study we recommend to managers, HR professionals, marketing, public relations and advertising professionals and those wishing to learn how to work more effectively with people. Aimed at those, who want to apply psychology knowledge and skills at work:

  • to understand, educate, motivate employees,
  • to become effective organization or department leader
  • to systematically manage staff, conduct internal research, build and manage a cohesive team
  • to take advantage of the principles of psychology and use these in advertising, sales, areas of influence, conflict resolution, and so on.

2. Practical Psychology
Aimed at those who wish to better understand themselves and others, to understand the relationship between people and manage them, to understand how relationships are formed, how personality develops,  get familiar will the basics of psychotherapy, and so on.

This field of study will  increase the competence of social workers, educators, HR professionals, managers, whose large part of the work is associated with employee motivation and education, because this program is dedicated to a deeper knowledge of the person and his interaction with other.

Academy lecturers and professors

Allready more than 500 students graduated from psychology academy!

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

Price: 1230.89 EUR / 4250 Lt per semester.

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