Showcase: civil servants selection


Practical Guide for Commissions on Civil Servants Selection
Ph.D. Edita Dereskeviciute, Ph.D. Gintaras Chomentauskas

Methodical tool “Practical Guide for Commissions on Civil Servants Selection” is the outcome of the activity “Services of Preparation of Practical Guide for Commissions on Civil Servants Selection and Its Publishing” within the project “Improvement of the System of Civil Servants Selection” under the measure No. VP1-4.1-VRM-01-V-01-002 “Fostering the System of the Civil Service” of the Priority 4 “Fostering Administrative Competence and Increasing Efficiency of Public Administration” of the 2007-2013 Human Resources Development Action Program, implemented by the Civil Service Department under the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania.

The aim of the Practical Guide is to increase efficiency of the system of civil servants selection assuring quality of the oral exam (interview) as a part of the civil servants selection. The Practical Guide has been worked out with the aim to unify the process and standards of the oral exam as a part of the selection. While increasing efficiency of the system of civil servants selection, it is being aimed to ensure successful implementation of aims of the state and municipality institutions, related to increase of efficiency of public administration system, and to foster human resources within the civil service and their management.

In the course of working out the Practical Guide, scientific literature, legal acts, good experience of the countries of the European Union and private sector was analyzed; survey of the President‘s Office of the Republic of Lithuania, the Office of the Seimas, heads of the Office of the Prime Minister and personnel service of Ministries was made, as well as case study on civil servants selection (oral exam) arranged, i.e. the principle of integration of theory and practice is followed in the Practical Guide.

The purpose of the Practical Guide is to assist the person carrying out the selection:

  • to define the selection criteria (competencies and their indicators) related to success of organization and success of particular activity (particular function);
  • to structure the interview process starting from formulation of requirements to decision making regarding employment;
  • to make the plan of the interview and foresee questions in it, whereby applicants could be evaluated objectively and fairly (correctly);
  • to conduct consecutive, objective and related to the job success interview;
  • to collect information from applicants, necessary for taking right decisions regarding their propriety for particular function and employment;
  • to identify mistakes of the selection interview and know how to avoid them;
  • to take selection decisions having better reliance that the applicant will successfully carry out requirements of the function and will belong to the organization and collective;
  • to represent properly his/her institution and to introduce it to the applicants intending to work in it.

The structure of the Practical Guide

  • the factors determining quality of the oral exam (interview): how to choose and define selection criteria; what are types of questions and how to formulate them; how to evaluate applicants‘ answers to questions; what are types of practical tasks and how to prepare them; how to evaluate accomplishment of practical tasks;
  • the order of the oral exam (interview): what are stages of interview; how to prepare for interview; how to conduct it; how to analyze outcomes of the interview and to prepare conclusions; how to inform the applicant about the interview outcomes;
  • application of the oral exam (interview) for selection of particular groups of civil servants (heads, managers and specialists);
  • mistakes related to preparation for the oral exam (interview) and its conduct and the ways how to avoid of them.