Exploring deep into your company’s processes

Organizational research:

  • Organizational climate

We help organizations in exploring emotional climate, employee loyalty, communication and image making factors. We also provide recommendations on optimising human resource management for achieving organisational goals.

  • Forces surrounding the organisation

We provide market research services and consult companies on effective ways to deal with forces surrounding the organisation – customer loyalty, market capital, advertising strategy, etc.

  • “Mystery shopper” research

We help companies to measure customer satisfaction and to identify customer service areas that need improvement.
We will provide you with complete report and recommendations on how to improve customer service or develop customer service standards.

  • Job observation

This method is already approved by a number of companies as a reliable monitoring tool. Our consultants will observe your employees at the job (at your location or at your clients’) and record the communication processes. Later we will provide you with the report and recommendations on the training needed.

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