What we do

Human Study Center – the consulting company, for more than 15 years successfully operating in Lithuania. Our experience helps our clients in using modern business management technologies.

HR solutions

  • Attracting new employees. Recruitment and selection.

We provide direct and advertised search and recruitment services by using modern selection and evaluation methods. We also provide training for recruitment professionals.

  • Personnel development
We offer a wide variety of training seminars and coaching . We develop competency models and assess personnel.
  • Outplacement
We help organizations during the periods of change, reorganization, acquisition or merger. We assist you in dealing with complicated issues of dismissals and help your employees to increase their prospects of finding a job faster.

Success factors

  • Forces surrounding the organisation
We provide qualitative market research services and consult companies on how to increase their competitive advantage, increase their market capital, etc.
  • Organizational research
Our organizational research provides our clients with insights into essential factors for organizational development. We help organizations in exploring emotional climate, employee loyalty, communication , leadership, values and other factors.


  • To understand oneself and others
Psychology Academy – our new project successfully launched on September 2005. A two year long training course provides with knowledge in modern psychology, experience and skills necessary to increase quality of ones personal life and increase effectiveness of work. Studies in organizational psychology and in practical psychology are offered.
  • About everyday life
We publish the “Psychology for You” magazine. It offers interesting articles and suggestions on how to cope with difficulties in life. Published in the Lithuanian language.
  • When one needs an advice
We provide professional consulting and psychotherapy services.

Why are we successful?

The success of our company is in our desire to help our clients. That is how we have developed high professionalism of our staff and its willingness to face challenges and learn.

Our services are available in the following languages: Lithuanian, English and Russian.